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Reading Refection: A Novel Idea


Reading should be woven through every part of the curriculum - not just language arts, but the core courses, electives and career tech education. There are so many good, engaging novels and your public or school librarian can guide you. You will be most successful if you assign a story that reflects the student’s own life events. I teach pregnant and parenting boys and girls and have found that the most popular novel is The First Part Last by Angela Johnson. It’s short, has a male main character and brings out lots of discussion. Use Novel Reading Strategy to introduce this book. Or use this blank Novel Reading Strategy template form with other books. See suggested list of other novels for students.

Below you will find the templates for the Reflection pages. They are arranged by the newer version of Bloom's Taxonomy. Each title describes the journal prompt and page illustration. After you read the story and decide what you want the students to focus on, choose 10 pages including the Cover Page and the Reading Reflection Rubric (found on the right). Choose templates from all six categories of Bloom's Taxonomy. Print the pages and staple to create a booklet for each student.

Follow these directions:

Blooms Taxonomy: Remembering

Blooms Taxonomy: Understanding

Blooms Taxonomy: Applying

Blooms Taxonomy: Analyzing

Blooms Taxonomy: Evaluating

Blooms Taxonomy: Creating

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