Financial Management


Students will learn how to assess the resources that best fit their personal financial needs as well as their family's. They will create goals with said finances through some of these exercises. 

Budgeting for Baby

Financial Literacy Cover Page
Earning Spending Money Lesson
Financial Terms Word Sort
Wordsort Example
Income Calculations
Expenses Calculations
Feel About Money
Making Money
Education Pays
Cost of Children
Types of Expenses
Budget Busters
Communication About Money
Financial Mistakes couples make
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Independent Living


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Moving Out Cover Sheet
Moving Out Simulation
A to Z Series
Moving Out Readiness
Floor Plan
Furniture Template
Cleaning Green
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Download this Script for

Living on Your Own from A to Z

(notes are also available on slides)


Banking Options Cover Page
Movies About Money
Banking Anticipation Guide
Bank Rate Calculator
Banking Terms
Online Banking
Compare Contrast Banking
Financial Horror Stories
Banker Poem
Financial Terms Alphabox
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Shopping with a Spending Plan

National Coupon Month
Eating Healthy on a Budget
Child's Trip to Grocery Store
shopping with a budget.JPG
Food Budgeting Resources
Spending Plan answer key
Spending Plan True/False
Smart Shopping Lesson
Meal Planning Study Sheet
Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt
Discussion Questions
Avoiding Store Gimmicks
Avoiding Store Gimmicks answer key
Spending Your Food Dollar
Grocery Terms Study Guide
Grocery Terms - Key
Advertising Analysis
Family Food Costs
Coupon Stats
Supermarket IQ
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Grocery Shopping Slides


Teacher's Family Grocery List with Menu Planning

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