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Pre-Reading Vocabulary
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Legal Matters
Words I Know
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Coding Text
Coding Text Variation
Book Club Bookmarkers
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Here you will find numerous templates and formats to aid students in organizing a large amount of information given to them at one time. This will help  break down  larger lessons  more difficult to comprehend.


For tips on using reading strategies in your classroom view this powerpoint: 

During Reading Strategies



Comprehension Strategies 

Final Exam Letter

Prepare students to write the exam letter  by helping them create a detailed outline about the subjects they want to include. I let them use it during the exam.

Exam Sample
Parts of a Letter
Exam Letter Rubrics
Letter Outline page 1
Letter Outine Page 2
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How and 5 W's
W's Organizer
Wheel Spoke
Tree Organizer
Cause & Effect Chain
Compare & Contrast
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Mapping/Graphic Organizers


Adjectives used with I Am Poem
Using the I Am Poem
I am template
5 Types of Classroom Poems
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App Review 


Writing from A - Z
Test Questions

Let's play JEOPARDY! See the list of games

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