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New Game!   Go Fish for the Correct Answer

This is an excellent review strategy for the most common FCS curriculum units. Students listening to the players will even learn the terms and definitions.


I designed these sets of Go Fish Card Games for teachers to print for their own classes. Simply print the sheets, laminate and cut apart.


 Here are a couple tips about making the cards.


  1. A word about printing: Use card stock and a colored printer. Print the first 7 sheets, return to paper tray and print 7 copies of page number 8, which is the back of the card with the title. Practice with a plain sheet of paper if you're not sure which direction you need to turn the paper when printing 2-sided.


2.   A word about laminating: this is optional however the decks will last years if they are laminated. Important to note that your building may have a hot laminator and a cold one. You will want the COLD LAMINATION so the lamination will stick to the cards while they are being cut. Please talk to your school media specialist about the choices. If they use the hot laminator it will peel off immediately when cut.

Here's how it works.

  1. Teams of 2 to 6 players  

  2. Deal 7 cards per player.

  3. Place remaining deck in the center.

  4. Players are looking for a match and will take turns asking each for a match to their term or definition.

  5. If there is no match the players will say "Go Fish".

  6. The first student to play all of their cards is the winner, however the remaining players must continue until all students are winners. I usually provide a roll of Smarties for each winner!

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