Newborn Care

Students will describe the initial medical tests, assess the nutritional needs,  identify characteristics and responses, discover the role of bonding, promote appropriate and safe sleep practices, and implement safety precautions and wellness strategies  to care for newborns.
Caring for Newborn
Rate Your Temperament
Care For Umbilical Cord
Infant Reflex Chart
Baby Word Scramble
Babies Matter Wordsort
Your Child at Birth
What Happens to Baby After Delivery
Newborn Care Puzzle
Why Bonding Is Important
Sleep and your baby
Baby Bedtimes
Baby Care Log
Baby Bonding Tips
Compare Newborn Care vs Toddler
Massage Lesson Plan
Baby Massage Guide
Baby Massage
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NEW Powerpoint

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Crying & Shaken Baby Syndrome

Crying Baby Cover Sheet
Crying Baby Lesson Plan
All Babies Cry
Happiest Baby
Why Do Babies Cry?
Reasons Babies Cry
Crying Reflex
Crying and Comfort
Infant Temperament
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Safe Sleep & SIDS

Safe Sleep Cover Page
Safe Sleep & SIDS
Safe Sleep
Safe Sleep For Baby
Safe Sleep Key
SIDS Clues
ABC's of Safe Sleep Brochure
Infant Mortality Fact Sheep
Infant Mortality Data Report
Infant Safe Sleep Policy
a safer generation of cribs.JPG
Pacifier Recommendations
Successful Sleep
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A B C's of Safe Sleep Brochure

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Safe Sleep Brochure

Infant Safe Sleep Video


Immunization Cover Page
After Shots
Common Childhood Diseases
Immunization Schedule
Not to Vaccinate
Shots for Baby
Immunization Magic Square with Key
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