Child Development

Students will identify the importance of meeting a child's need to be nurtured and establish an environment designed to stimulate  healthy development. 

Nurturing Overall Development

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Bulletin Board
Nurturing Your Child Lesson
Nurture Dev Cover Page
Child Development Wordsort
Everything Grows Better
Maslow's Hierarchy for Children
Defining Child Development
Setting Stage for Learning
When You Thought I Wasn't Looking
Child's Rights
Developmental Word Match
Bill of Rights for Baby
Timeline Development
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Physical Development


Social & Emotional Development

Physical Dev Cover Page
Effective Parenting
Principles of Development
The Growing 6 Month old
Milestones Birth - One
Developing Infant
Coloring Activity
Helping Baby Grow
Play Patterns
Dear Baby
Physical Cognitive Development
Infant Physical Development
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Social Emotional Dev Cover Page
Understanding Temperament
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Students will identify physical changes that are age-appropriate, assess children's physical development and select activities and toys designed to enhance physical development.
Students will identify the need for social interaction and analyze ways that children express emotions.


Play & Toy Safety

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Toy Safety Tips
Toy Selection
Toy & Equipment Safety
Toys for Different Ages
Toy Category Search
Think Toy Safety
Toy Safety Search
How to Pick a Toy
Play Patterns Study Guide
Play Patterns
Toy Safety Tips
Importance of Play
Just Play
Playground Puzzle
Common Hazards
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