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Graduation Survival Kit

It's that time of year again! I enjoy making survival kits for my seniors and as gifts for graduation parties we attend each summer along with a gas gift card for their journey in life).  I begin by collecting items for the kit and then place them in a craft/goodie bag. I print greeting cards on 81/2 x 11 card stock. This year I found a cute keepsake box and told each student this is where they "must stash" their important items! 


Here is the printable Survival Kit greeting card.


These are the items for the kits 

Confetti - to celebrate your accomplishments

Eraser – because everyone makes mistakes

Band-Aid – to protect you from life’s scrapes

Sponge – to absorb life’s beautiful memories

Paper clip – to help you keep it together

Seeds – to bloom where you are planted

Rubber Band – remember to be flexible

Wiggly Eyes – to look for opportunities

Cotton Ball - to find a soft place to fall

Clothespin - to help you hang in there

Marble - to keep things rolling in life 

Stars - so you never stop dreaming

Pencil – to make your mark in life

Penny – so you’ll never be broke

Kleenex – to soak up your tears

Gum – remember to stick with it

Key – to unlock your potential

Candle - to help light the way

Acorn - for good luck


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