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National Observances

How To Use National Observances in Your Lessons.

There are hundreds of National Observances recognized every year.  Observances can create “teachable moments” or be the focus of any unit in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences. It shows the students that what they are learning in class is also a social issue that requires awareness.


All of the observances on this page correlate with FCS curriculum and standards.


Click on the images below to go directly to observance links.

For some observances it can be a short discussion of its history at the beginning or end of class. Here are some other suggestions:


  • Students will search the internet for information about an observance then complete the Observances Investigation worksheet. 

  • Share and compare findings with each other. 

  • Students create a bulletin board

  • Make an infograph about the observance - share on pinterest or social media

  • Any food related topics - have a cook-off or contest with the students or involving staff as well. Make it a fundraiser!

  • For any awareness topics - create a champaign to present to class, school or community. 

  • For child related topics - create a project to do with children at a preschool or elementary.

August Observances

September Observances

October Observances

November Observances

December Observances

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