Literacy Readiness

Students will develop strategies for promoting and set goals to support family literacy in the following 4 areas:  Early Literacy,  Language Development,  Emergent Writing and Kindergarten  Readiness.


Early Literacy

Early Literacy Cover Page
Early Literacy Lesson
Wordsort Literacy
Mapping Template
Mapping key ABC's of Reading
Word Power Article
Word Gap Article
Article Summary
Reading to Your Child A to Z
Reading to Your Child Worksheet
Categories of Children's Books
Evaluate Books Semantic Features
Children's Books Puzzle
Books Every Child Should Hear
Read to Baby List
Read to Baby Reaction
Homemade Books
media recommendations.JPG
Read Aloud to Baby
Sharing Books ppt
Screen Sense
Screen Media
Ticket to Class
Teens as Reading Models
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See more about children's literacy from the book , The ABC's of Reading to Your Child

Media & Powerpoint

Language Development & Signing


Slides & Video

Signing Cover Page
Anticipation Guide
What Do All Babies Need?
How to Talk to Your Baby
The Word Gap
Speech Development
Signing With Babies
Learning Language
Signing Chart
44 Sounds of English
Seven Simple Steps
Signing App
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Emergent Writing

Popular Twin's Talking Videos Part 1 & 2
Emergent Writing Cover Page
Promoting Infant Writing
Dev Stages of Scribbling
Handing Writng 21st Century
Early Writing Experiences
Stages of Writing
12 Stages of Writing
Tasks Using Fine Motor Skills
Manual Dexterity Occupations
Relationship Between Writing
Dev Writing Continuum
Coloring Activity Sheet 1
Coloring Activity Sheet 2
Coloring Activity Sheet 3
Coloring Activity Sheet 4
Humpty Dumpty
Coloring Activity Sheet 6
Coloring Activity Sheet 7
Primary Lines
Coloring Activity Post Questions
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Kindergarten Readiness

Kindergarten Readiness Cover Page
Reading Brain Activity
reading brain new.JPG
Word Families
Strange Spelling
Nursery Rhymes
Dolch Word List
Nursery Rhymes
Go Fish Nursery Rhymes
English is Crazy
I am Poem
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