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A Technology Tourist

I've been teaching for twenty-six years and still live by the simple quote from Michelangelo, "I am still learning". My curiosity leads me down roads backed up, bumper to bumper, with new technology. I carefully maneuver my way through the devices and software until I find a place to stop and stretch my mind while touring each new concept. Sometimes the teenagers and young adults come to the rescue, assisting me when I get lost and directing me back to familiar surroundings.

While browsing articles about Entrepreneur Education on the Braincandy blog I discovered this outstanding YouTube video, Future Learning Short Documentary, about our future learners. At the end of the video Sugata Mitra, Professor of Education Technology at Newcastle University, UK explained that there are three important skills children must have in order to participate fully in learning through technology.

1. reading comprehension

2. information search and retrieval skills

3. the ability to believe

Also check out David Merrill, inventor of Siftables, interactive computer toys of the future.

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