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Did you hear about the chemical bisphenol (BPA) research findings in the news last week?

In order to help my student become knowledgable consumers I brought this information to their attention on the classroom blog. I found a couple of articles and asked them to read, then compare the information and draw their own conclusions reagrding decisions they will make about providing food for their families.

These are some websites with live health and nutrition news.

Which one of the following affects are caused by the chemical BPA found in plastic and aluminum cans containing food?

a. obesity in children

b. early puberty development

c. cardiovascular disease

To find the answer read and compare the following articles Consuming Canned Soup and BPA In Food Packaging.

After comparing the two articles write a response in the comment box below that answers the following question:

  • What is the answer to the question at the beginning of this post.

  • Where does BPA come from?

  • Name something you ate or drank today that was packaged in plastic or a can.

  • Does this research affect your own family?

  • Do you on doing anything to protect your child?

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