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Creating a Sugar Addict

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Can you rank the following 8 ounce servings of beverages, with "1" having the least amount of sugar and "6" having the most?

  • Kool-aid

  • soda

  • chocolate milk

  • apple juice

  • white milk

I will give you the answers later.

Which of these items will you allow your baby to consume within the first 12 months of life?

click here to see other child tooth decay

Sugary beverages, including formula, will not only cause Baby Bottle Tooth Decay but can set your child up for obesity. How does tooth decay start? The germs in our mouths live in the white, sticky material called plaque. When the germs feed on the sugar in our food, they give off an acid. The acid will eventually cause cavities in the teeth. The more sugar your child eats, the more likely he or she is to have tooth decay. It's important that you limit the amount of sugar that you give your child.

You should never put anything in your baby's bottle besides formula, breast milk or water. And you should never, ever put your baby to bed with a bottle. Even formula, when left in the mouth as baby falls asleep, will cause tooth decay.

Babies are not born with a desire for sugar. Children may begin to crave sugary foods after being exposed to them.

Here is a math problem for you: 4 grams of carbohydrate = 1 teaspoon of sugar. You can use measuring spoons and sugar to visualize the amount of sugar consumed.

  • If white milk has 22 grams of carbs, how many teaspoons of sugar?

  • If Kool-Aid has 24 grams of carbs, how many teaspoons of sugar?

  • If chocolate milk has 25 grams of carbs, how many teaspoons of sugar?

  • If apple juice has 29.3 grams of carbs, how many teaspoons of sugar?

  • If soda (only 8 ounces) has 30 grams of carbs, how many teaspoons of sugar?

By the way, the above beverages are listed in ranking order of least sugar to most sugar.

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View this video from The Real to better understand the implications of giving sugar to your child.


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