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ABC's of Teaching GRADS

Most things in life can be explained by using the ABC's, a reading strategy developed by Janet Allen. Writing an alphabet book helps students summarize and synthesize the subject while using complex thinking skills. Students can work alone or in teams to brainstorm about the topic using this template, Writing the Alphabet.

Students can then create a document or project by including clip art for a finished product.

We passed around the template at a GRADS meeting and this was the result:

You can view other student examples collected at The ABC's of Life

ABC's of Teaching GRADS

A. Always have an alternative plan.

B. Birth to three are the most important years of a

child's life.

C. Caring attitude - students need to feel someone cares.

D. Don't dampen enthusiasm.

E. Empathy toward students and their individual situations.

F. Fathers are important in the life of a child.

G. Graduation ceremonies are times of joy!

H. Happiness comes from within - find something to be happy about in every situation. Choose to be HAPPY!

I. Inspire students to excel.

J. Jump in and work - succeed! Jump with your child - as a junior parent you can do this more than later in life!

L. Learn from life's lessons.

M. Meet students where they are at in their life situation.

N. Impress upon students that they should never tell their children that they are bad.

O. Open-mindedness will help you throughout all of your endeavors - don't be judgmental, save that for others.

P. Parent support is very helpful.

Q. Questioning skills are valuable as a GRADS teacher.

R. Build rapport with the students.

S. A smile can brighten even the darkest day.

T. "Teachable" moments are sometimes more important than "the plan",.

U. Unconditional love for your baby is critical. You must love them when they are fussy, cranky, as well as when they are happy!

V. Versatility in life is important for being a successful parent.

W. Why struggle when GRADS programs can help & support teen parents!

X. X-citing times to experience all their child's "firsts".

Y. Yes! You can get through this (teachers and students both).

Z. Zzzz - something my students need more of!

~ Written by GRADS teachers in Delaware, Ohio 12/2/11

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