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May 22, 2015

My daughter is graduating this year as Senior Class President. I'm very proud of her accomplishments and came up with a nifty gift using Tagxedo, a word cloud program.  I listed all of her teachers, principals, activities, and awards onto a graduate silhouette. Then ordered an 11 x 17 poster size from Walgreens and framed it. You can make one for a special graduate or let your students create their own and reflect on the person they've become. 

Easy tutorial - just follow the red numbers on each image.


1. Create a list of teachers, schools (elementary, middle, high)  favorite subjects, awards, extracurricular activities, interests, chosen college. If there are 2 or more words that need to stay together just insert ~ between with no space. 


2. Download one/both silhouette images to your PC.


3. Use Firefox or Internet Explorer. Google no longer supports Tagxedo

4.  Go to Then click Create

5. Click  Shape 

6. click Add Image

7. Choose either the girl or boy silhouette saved on your PC

8. Place the Treshold to 61%, Blur to 24%

9. Click Accept

10. To insert words, click Load 

11. Copy then paste the list in Enter Text box.

12. Click Submit

13. Click Theme

14. Click White on Black

15. Click Layout Options

16. Layout tab. Adjust Minimum Word Count to 360, Tightness to 136%. 

17. Click Accept

18. Click Save/Share.

19. For the best quality poster choose 16MP jpg






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